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by William J. Federer

Take yourself on a historical adventure for each day of the year. Relive the calendar days with inspiration from great men and women that came before us. With a short story for each day, you will learn about events that defined America.



Why did Columbus set sail in 1492? What motivated Paul Revere’s midnight ride in 1775? What are the origins of our national holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day? Why did Lindbergh fly solo across the Atlantic? Why was the Battle of Midway so pivotal? Who started the Red Cross, Tuskegee Institute and Harvard? The Answers will Captivate and Fascinate You!

This book brings our national history to life through the notable events of each day. It is a treasure to read and share with others. American Minute-Notable Events of American Significance Remembered on the Date They Occurred. An interesting and inspiring collection of historical vignettes, one for each day of the year. Well-known holidays, national achievements and famous individuals are recalled in fascinating detail as well as little known facts of courage, sacrifice, faith, and captivating American trivia. It is a great gift for any journalist, teacher, student, radio host, politician, or avid history buff! A book you won't want to put down!

The American Minute is also heard daily across America on hundreds of radio stations and is read by tens of thousands via the Internet and email subscription. It is produced by Bill Federer, author of 20 books, who speaks in over 100 cities a year and hosts the daily television program, Faith in History.


- Paperback
- 416 pages

Type Book (Paperback)
Author William J. Federer
Category Education, History, Reference

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